Dance on Purpose

About Identity Dance Company

Who we are

Identity Dance Co. was founded locally in 2003 by Lindsey Cooper, with the desire to create a dance company that made a positive impact on the community. Then primarily a hip hop company, named "Breakdown", it was geared towards college age students, and it quickly became popular.

After 7 years of having no “home base”, Breakdown found its first studio location. Then with only 18 dancers and a big leap of faith it has since grown to offer dance to anyone ages 2-Adult, incorporating Breakdance, Contemporary, Jazz, Ballet, and Zumba! The re-location and expansion of the dance studio last Spring brought an official name change to Identity Dance Co.!


About Identity Dance Company

Our goals

We are a faith based studio that believes God has given each of us a unique purpose in this life. We hope to express to our students that their identity is not found in anyone or any thing, even dance. Who they are is not what they "do". They were created to be unique individuals with a purpose. Our motto is "Stand. Dance. Live." For us that means to Stand up for what you believe in, Dance on Purpose, and Live your life in a way that blesses others. What is Dance On Purpose? It means to dance for something outside of yourself. Its the knowledge that if you dont use your talent to better someone else’s life, it would be wasted. Dance is a GIFT. This is the lesson we hope to instill into our dancers. Dance On Purpose also means we won't dance to any music just because its popular, or because we think its cool. Our choice of music, will always be with a reason. Our shows and productions will always have a storyline or theme. We hope when our audiences walk away from our productions, they feel encouraged and inspired. That is what it means to DANCE ON PURPOSE.

On a broader spectrum, our goal is to motivate the younger generations to put positive music and influences into their minds. There is so much negativity that is easily accessible to our youth. We want to take a stand for positivity in dance, music, and performance. We believe that music and dance (and all artistic expression) is a gift from God, and we want to redeem it into something positive!

Identity staff

Lindsey cooper


Lindsey started her dancing career at the age of 13 at the Eugene Jazz Studio. Since then, her love of dance has continued to fluorish. Co-captain of Marist High school dance team and recipient of multiple awards, Lindsey continued studying dance through her college career at LCC, adding hip hop to her repertoire.di

Her teaching career took off after becoming the hip hop instructor at 24 hour fitness at age 20. Shortly after she began teaching at Tada Productions, Body Now, & Hosanna Dance. She has choreographed for multiple local dance teams and individual projects, as well as the production of "Altar Boyz" with the Actors Cabaret of Eugene.

In 2003, Lindsey's dream of starting her own company came true with the start of Breakdown Dance (Now Identity). She believes that dance is not only a gift from God, but is a healthy outlet for any generation. Lindsey feels blessed to be serving the families at Identity Dance Company.

Baylee Dorris

Asst. Director

Baylee has been teaching at Identity since 2012. She started teaching kids hip hop and then moved in to teaching a few lyrical classes. Now she is the Assistant Director of Identity and teaches the entire Contemporary program, Ballet program, and older level Performance Groups. Before coming to Identity she trained at Hosanna in just about every dance style including Modern, Ballet, Lyrical, Jazz, and Hip Hop. She was also captain on her High School Dance Team her junior and senior year, and was awarded a spot on the All State team for her senior year. After High School she danced in performance groups with some local companies in town and is now dancing with a semi-professional company called Veritas.

Baylee loves teaching at Identity because she grew up in a Christian studio and remembers how much dancing for God impacted her at such a young age and wants to share that connection with everyone who enjoys the art of dance.

Brielle Perron

Asst. Director

Brielle began her dance journey at Identity in 2013, and from the moment she took her first hip hop dance class she fell in love with it. Brielle immediately knew dance was her passion. She enrolled in every class she could and very quickly exceled as one of Identity’s top dancers. She expanded her training with Duck Street Dance at the University of Oregon, along with taking classes from professionals all over the west coast.

"I can’t even describe how happy dancing makes me. I’ve never felt a drive and a love for something like I do for dance. I love how dance allows you to physically become part of a song, and I love how you can tell a story and touch someone just from your movement. I’m so happy to be able to share my talent and passion with my students. I love being able to challenge them to their fullest potential, and I love seeing the growth that transpires in the process.”

Chloe Dorris


Chloe Dorris started dancing at the young age of 3 at Hosanna Dance Studio. When she entered high school, she joined the North Eugene Dance Team. Throughout her years at Hosanna and North, she trained in ballet, jazz, lyrical, pointe, contemporary, tap, modern, tumbling, hip hop and African dance. As captain of the dance team, she helped choreograph select routines, and also assisted with choreography for a school play. During her senior year at North Eugene, she was named a member of the DDCA All State dance team. After graduating, Chloe stayed highly involved with dance. She thrives in ballet and has assisted local dance teams and studios in ballet instruction and tumbling programs.

Dayla Buckwald


Dayla has been dancing since she was 6, and found Identity in 2012 at the age of 13. Over her time at Identity she has trained in contemporary, lyrical, jazz tumbling, ballet, tap and hip hop. Dayla apprenticed to become a teacher under director Lindsey Cooper assisting in Twinkle toes and Sweet Feet.

"I love dancing because I can truly express myself and communicate to others without speaking. I love teaching because I am able to pass my ability onto kids. I love teaching something that the kids love so much, it brings me a lot of joy. I’m truly blessed to be able to dance at Identity, they have become like my second family. Christ is the center of our studio and is such a safe place for everyone to grow in their walk with the Lord. Every time I walk into Identity my love for the Lord grows stronger and makes me want to be there as much as I can."

Francesca Daizovi Wilson


Francesca has been twirling since the age of five, where she was inspired to pick up a baton while watching her mother’s students twirl in parades when she was young. She is a third-generation baton twirler who has competed nationally and internationally in the sport. She possesses over 20 National and International titles, including two U.S. Gold Medals, which placed her and her sister on Team USA to compete in Ireland and Australia for the United States, and multiple national and international titles as a solo baton twirler as well as a pair with her sister.

Francesca is currently finishing her schooling to become a Middle School Science and Math teacher through Northwest Christian University. She was crowned Miss University of Oregon in 2016 where she competed for the title of Miss Oregon 2016 with her talent of baton twirling. Teaching others and spreading the joy of this sport is something that Francesca is very passionate about. She also has more than 15 years of dance experience in jazz, ballet, tap, hip-hop, and lyrical under her belt, and is excited to incorporate her dance experience into her baton twirling classes here at Identity Dance Studio.

Jessica Higgins


Jessica has been dancing for fourteen years, but unofficially her whole life, getting her first tap shoes at 6. She started dancing Tap and Jazz at Eugene Ballet at the age of 8, then moved to Hosanna when she was 10 and continued studying in Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Pointe, Lyrical, and Modern. "Tap is my passion in dance because it is so free yet so precise, I can make it my own and tap to any music or even in silence, the rhythm rumbles in me and frequently escapes showing my joy and love for tap. If you watch me long enough i'll most likely break out a move or two with out even realizing. The beat and base to Tap ties everyone and everything together, I just love it and hope to carry it with me for the rest of my life!"

Jessica's knowledge of technique and her strong foundation as a dancer will be an asset to our Leaps/Turns program, as well as our Kids Combo class. Jessica says "I look forward to teaching at Identity because it is such a safe, accepting, faith-based group. Everything is done for God and everyone is one big family!"

Morgan Thomas


Morgan joined as a student at Identity (formerly Breakdown at the time) at the age of 5, and has continued training there for 10+ years. She has trained in hip hop, contemporary, ballet, and pointe. For many years, she assisted a variety of classes for many teachers, before becoming an apprentice to take over her own hip hop classes.

“I love the passion that you can see in the kids, and as a leader I can help show the kids Christ, along with helping them excel in their dancing.”

Shelby Wiedenmann


Shelby has been dancing with Identity since she was 12 years old. She has been trained in Hip-Hop, Lyrical, Ballet, Pointe, and Contemporary styles. Serving as an apprentice under Lindsey for two years, Shelby is ready to lead her own students.

"I love to dance and I am excited to share that love with my students. Being around kids is something that I really enjoy, and watching their love grow for what they are doing makes me happy."